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WHHO Opposition to recent LAUSD vote to cut Los Angeles School Police Department funding.

A rush to political judgment. With respect to your role as a Board Member representing a large district which includes half of Woodland Hills, one of your most basic duties is to ensure all your students receive a world class education in a safe and healthy environment. You were not elected to be a social justice warrior jumping on the bandwagon of activists fighting against a current societal issue that’s not in any way connected with the safety of our children on school campus. In defending your vote, you wrote how you came to your conclusion to cut LASPD’s budget because of Covid-19’s greater impact on communities of color and the murder of George Floyd in Minnesota and other African American’s nationwide at the hands law enforcement which sparked the national Black Lives Matter movement. Conflating LASPD’s budget with these otherwise valid concerns of systemic racism across our country is just plain wrong.


Woodland Hills Homeowners Organization Strong Opposition to SB1120

SB 1120 fails to recognize that both growth and housing can be provided without destroying single family neighborhoods. This Bill fails to consider the solution included in the Woodland Hills community’s planning efforts of the last fifteen years which the City Council has supported. This planning effort through the 2035 Specific Plan included a growth of more than 19,000 living units, while at the same time recognizing the need to protect the rights of its stakeholders to also choose the option to live in a consistently planned single family neighborhood. Growth, as envisioned by this Bill, should be permitted only along commercial corridors or in regional centers close to transit.

Assembly Bill 3308

WHHO in the interest of its members and our community, cannot support the Bill unless  amended to enable proper planning and protect appropriate school properties for educational purposes.

While there is always a need for affordable housing, the use of educational properties paid for by taxpayers is not the answer. This Bill again is another attempt to solve a problem with “one size fits all”. In assessing the school sites within the Woodland Hills area that would be available for the uses proposed in AB 3308, some have the potential to be used for such purposes and some are wholly inappropriate.

Quite simply, for example, the OSO School site is within one mile of Warner Center, an area by design that’s deemed to have growth for as much as 19,000 living units by the year 2035. We are already witnessing the growth, and although the schools that exist today have currently been able to handle the changes, future growth needs to be provided for as the current schools will not be able to handle the influx of anticipated students. Some sites need to be assessed as being saved and deemed only to be used for the education of our children.