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WHHO is so pleased to announce that we are back with a General Meeting this Month.

September 22, 2021, Meeting 7:30 PM (Zoom)

Special Guest:

LAPD Senior Lead Officer (SLO)

Sean Dinse

Issues: Homelessness and why LAPD have their hands tied: Defund the police – what effect here and in the country; crime – what are the hot spots & how to protect your property and family.

Come learn more about your community and what you can do to help.

Bring your question as well.

Register for the Zoom Meeting here:

We look forward to seeing you.


A special thanks to Susan Shelley for her insights and stimulating thought.

A link to her Daily News Article about SB9 and SB 10 can be found here: CLICK

Susan Shelley

Susan Shelley is a columnist and a member of the editorial board of the Southern California News Group, eleven daily newspapers including the Orange County Register and the Los Angeles Daily News. Immediately prior to becoming a columnist, she was a candidate for the California Assembly in the west San Fernando Valley. Her Op-Ed Articles in the Daily News are always thought provoking.

ISSUES to Discuss: She has insights and opinion on it all: State Legislation against property owners like SB 9 & SB10; homelessness issues; defund the police; LAUSD and the need for a school here at the OSO School property; redistricting and how important is it really; and just about anything else she wants to talk about that would concern us here in Woodland Hills.


Last May’s Meeting with

Jill Stewart

A special thanks to Jill Stewart for her excellent insights to the the “Horror” Legislation proposed in Sacramento at our May Meeting. 

The lawmakers in Sacramento are trying to do to your home, your neighborhood and your community. They have created 7 Frankenstein Bills that keep coming back to life even after they have been supposedly killed. And each of those legislative monsters can rip apart your lifestyle and leave your biggest investment near death.

You Doubt it! Watch this 2 min. video: Click Here

We have asked Jill Stewart – the  renowned investigative reporter and editor, and TV commentator – to share her insights at the WHHO May 26 General Meeting and guide Woodland Hills homeowners on this perilous journey through Sacramento’s on-going attempts to remove all local zoning regulations, turn over planning and land use decisions to contractors, and destroy the neighborhoods we all love.

Jill Stewart is one of the most knowledgeable and articulate experts on what both the State Senate and State Assembly are planning on springing on every California city and town. And she=ll tell us how we need to protect ourselves before we run for the pitchforks and firebrands.

Here are some of the onerous pieces of upcoming “Yes in my backyard” legislation that she will address:

  • SB 1385: “A Frankenstein Bill” that was previously killed but has come back to life. It empowers developers to override cities, to buy and destroy stores and businesses to build dense market-rate housing. It perpetuates the falsehood that market-rate density somehow results in “affordable housing.
  • SB 8: A 5-year extension on a bad bill that was scheduled to die. It rewards gentrification, ignores the homeless, creates NO affordable units and silences communities facing big luxury projects. Limits public to 5 hearings.
  • SB 9: Brings back from the dead the despised SB 1120 bill. It would end single-family zoning to allow 6 units where 1 single family home is now situated. Add on the already legally allowed 2 Accessory Dwelling Units and the number of “homes” next to yours could be 8Cwith no way to stop it.
  • SB 10: A copycat of the previously defeated SB 902 Weiner bill that lets a simple majority on city councils to override CEQA safeguards to allow 10-unit pricey, market-rate apartments almost anywhere – over-riding voter-approved land protection measures, including open space!
  • SB 478: Another Weiner monster, it is a radical “tiny lots” bill that overrides your city zoning and lets developers destroy older, modest, multiple-unit housing to instead build ultra-dense market-rate housing C on severely small lots (lot size: 1,700 square feet). 
  • AB 1322: Lets city councils override voter-approved housing laws and restrictions. 
  • AB 1401: reduces parking in buildings within 1/2 mile of major transit (Bus) stops. Forces residents to find parking in adjacent neighborhoods


A special thanks to our April Speaker,

Los Angeles Pierce College President Alexis S. Montevirgen, Ed.D.

Alexis S. Montevirgen, Ed.D. Pierce College President.

If you missed him, you can watch the meeting on YouTube. the link will be up soon.


A special thanks to our March Speaker,

NICK MELVOIN – Board Member, District 4, LAUSD

If you missed him, you can watch the meeting on YouTube at this link:


Special Thank to Vahid Khorsand. the Mayor’s West Valley Representative for his thoughtful comments at our February Meeting. If you did not get a chance to join us, we will post the conversation on YouTube soon.


A special thanks to COUNCILMAN BOB BLUMEFIELD for attending our January Meeting. His insights into our local issues is always great.


You can view the entire session on You Tube at this link:


October’s Meeting with the Candidates for the LAUSD School Board was great. A special thank from the WHHO to Marilyn Koziatek and

Scott Schmerelson for their participation.

You can view it on YouTube at the link:



Here is a link to Judge Carter’s Case Management Transcript. It is interesting reading but lengthy.

Judge Carter Status Conference Transcript 8-7-2020


thanks to all who responded. your help has resulted in the LAUSD delaying till December their attempt to BUILD ON YOUR SCHOOL PROPERTY


WHHO Letter to the Board – Click WHHO Letter to LASUD 11-7-20




Here are the WHHO position Letters concerning SB1120: Letter to Assemblyman Gabrial

So what happened to SB1120?

This update of 9/1/20 is from Aaron Williams, WHHO Legislative Committee Chair:

“Never have I seen this one before… As you know SB 1120 had been on the Assembly agenda all last week and this past Sunday and Speaker Rendon never scheduled it for a vote. He was trying to whip up enough votes apparently. He finally called it for a vote last night, the last day of this year’s session at 11:30pm!! While it initially did not pass it came back minutes later and passed by one vote at 11:58pm. But it had to go back to the Senate for a concurrence vote and did not reach the Senate in time. Had it reached the Senate in time, it would have easily passed.”

It is Dead!

Rest assured it will be back in another form next year.

Jesse Gabriel abstained from voting.

WHHO has sent letters to Assembly member Gabrial. Here is a copy: 

Letter to Assemblymember Gabriel re SB 1120 – 8-21-20 – signed

Also, here is the WHHO Letter to him regarding AB3308

WHHO Letter – Opposition to AB3308

Here is an update as of today Wednesday August 25, 2020:

Today’s vote on Assembly hearing SB1120 has been delayed. If you are not familiar with the bill and want to view it and follow it you can do so at this link by putting in the bill number, SB1120. (P.S. while there take a look at AB3308 – you will be shocked at that as well).

The following came from Livable California:

“Chaos in Sacramento: The Senate has to vote on SB 1120 AGAIN, due to minor amendments by the Assembly, but COVID-19 has AGAIN closed the Senate.

Meanwhile: The Assembly will probably vote SB 1120 (with new amendments) up or down later this week. More chaos! We will keep you posted.

Nobody knows what happens next: If the Assembly approves SB 1120 and sends it over to the Senate, will the Senate even be there? Is Senate boss Toni Atkins going to come up with a plan to force it through to Gov. Newsom?

The Assembly cancelled its expected vote Tuesday due to YOUR outcry! Atkins and her sidekick Scott Wiener didn’t have the votes for SB 1120. They spent Tuesday twisting arms.

Your calls jammed up SB 1120.

This could become the first legislature in US history to deliver an entire state of single-family homes directly over to luxury density developers, crushing neighborhoods during a pandemic crisis.

Behind it all: Scott Wiener, swimming in more developer money than any legislator in California, and Toni Atkins, married to a developer.”

Westfield Promenade Project

After the Appeal – read the PDF – Click the Button above.

“Determination Letter from the LA Dept of Planing”

The Stadium Information is Item 55 on Page 17


An Appeal has been Filed by an individual on August 18th, so there will be a delay.