WHHO’s next meeting will be October 28, 2020 (Wed)

at 7:30 PM


The 2 Candidates for the LAUSD BOARD will be our Guest Speakers:

Scott Schmerelson (Incumbent)




Marilyn Koziatek (Challenger)


Here is the Zoom Invitation:

You are invited to a Zoom webinar.
When: Oct 28, 2020 07:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
Topic: WHHO – LAUSD Candidate Forum

Register in advance for this webinar:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

LAUSD Issues will include: What will be done to protect the 5 school properties to be used only for educational purposes and not housing?
What are their positions on AB3308 and the use of LAUSD monies to build housing on school properties?
What about defunding the school police?
This will be an informative discussion that will affect our schools for a long time!



Septembers’ Meeting: A special thanks to the Candidates for State Senate, Henry Stern (D) (Incumbent) and Houman Salem (R) (Businessman). They both did a great job on informing us on the issues and their positions so we all can be better informed voters.

You can view the full discussion at this YouTube link:


 We are working on security measures for the future and may need to limit it to only WHHO members. We will see.

WHHO Members: Check back here for the Zoom link or check your Email.

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Here is a link to Judge Carter’s Case Management Transcript. It is interesting reading but lengthy.

Judge Carter Status Conference Transcript 8-7-2020



Here are the WHHO position Letters concerning SB1120: Letter to Assemblyman Gabrial

So what happened to SB1120?

This update of 9/1/20 is from Aaron Williams, WHHO Legislative Committee Chair:

“Never have I seen this one before… As you know SB 1120 had been on the Assembly agenda all last week and this past Sunday and Speaker Rendon never scheduled it for a vote. He was trying to whip up enough votes apparently. He finally called it for a vote last night, the last day of this year’s session at 11:30pm!! While it initially did not pass it came back minutes later and passed by one vote at 11:58pm. But it had to go back to the Senate for a concurrence vote and did not reach the Senate in time. Had it reached the Senate in time, it would have easily passed.”

It is Dead!

Rest assured it will be back in another form next year.

Jesse Gabriel abstained from voting.

WHHO has sent letters to Assembly member Gabrial. Here is a copy: 

Letter to Assemblymember Gabriel re SB 1120 – 8-21-20 – signed

Also, here is the WHHO Letter to him regarding AB3308

WHHO Letter – Opposition to AB3308

Here is an update as of today Wednesday August 25, 2020:

Today’s vote on Assembly hearing SB1120 has been delayed. If you are not familiar with the bill and want to view it and follow it you can do so at this link http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/ by putting in the bill number, SB1120. (P.S. while there take a look at AB3308 – you will be shocked at that as well).

The following came from Livable California:

“Chaos in Sacramento: The Senate has to vote on SB 1120 AGAIN, due to minor amendments by the Assembly, but COVID-19 has AGAIN closed the Senate.

Meanwhile: The Assembly will probably vote SB 1120 (with new amendments) up or down later this week. More chaos! We will keep you posted.

Nobody knows what happens next: If the Assembly approves SB 1120 and sends it over to the Senate, will the Senate even be there? Is Senate boss Toni Atkins going to come up with a plan to force it through to Gov. Newsom?

The Assembly cancelled its expected vote Tuesday due to YOUR outcry! Atkins and her sidekick Scott Wiener didn’t have the votes for SB 1120. They spent Tuesday twisting arms.

Your calls jammed up SB 1120.

This could become the first legislature in US history to deliver an entire state of single-family homes directly over to luxury density developers, crushing neighborhoods during a pandemic crisis.

Behind it all: Scott Wiener, swimming in more developer money than any legislator in California, and Toni Atkins, married to a developer.”

Westfield Promenade Project

After the Appeal – read the PDF – Click the Button above.

“Determination Letter from the LA Dept of Planing”

The Stadium Information is Item 55 on Page 17


An Appeal has been Filed by an individual on August 18th, so there will be a delay.