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Warner Center Specific Plan with Maps - (Ordnance No.: 174,061) (125 pages + Maps) [Read these instructions first] After clicking on this link (City Planning Department) then in the left column select "General Plan", then in the far right column select "Specific Plans", then select "Warner Center" in the far right column, then select "Text" and it will open a PDF file. Note that only the first 60 pages or so are important at best. You can use this method to find the Girard Tract Specific Plan as well. If you want, you can merely click here (125 pages) and go a copy of the PDF document but I thing it is important to be familiar with the City Planning Department web information.

Council History of Warner Center Specific Plan 

Also, when you go to the City Planning Web you should look through the items listed on the left of the main page - for example hit "Case Information" and you can pull up a map of the pending requests in our area "South Valley" including a map under the "Case Activity Map". 

Interim Control Ordinance (ICO) - Warner Center (23 pages)

On 12/21/05 the City Council apparently passed 2 resolutions as follows:

"5. INSTRUCT the City Planning Department with the assistance of the City Attorney and the Department of Transportation to draft an Interim Control Ordinance (ICO), as specified in the February 9, 2005Motion (Zine-Reyes), attached to the Council file, and request that the draft ICO be considered by the Planning and Land Use Management Committee at which time the Committee may deem appropriate."

"6. INSTRUCT the City Planning Department to immediately restudy the Warner Center Specific Plan in conjunction with the Woodland Hills/Warner Center Neighborhood Council and the Warner Center Association in order to expeditiously adopt and implement Phase II of the Warner Center Specific Plan."

"7.    INITIATE the allocation of the necessary City staff, including one City Planner to restudy the Warner Center Specific Plan, including preparing the necessary environmental analysis, with emphasis on residential development patterns; and that the restudy of said plan that the City establish and allocate funding for a bi-annual Specific Plan Status Report."

The entire text and associated Motions are available at the above link.