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2006-2017 Woodland Hills Homeowners Organization, Inc. (WHHO )


Woodland Hills Homeowners Organization, Inc.

Established 1985


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Next Meeting February 28, 2018

(The 4th Wednesday of the month - no meeting in either June nor July) 

7:30 P.M. (SHARP)

KAISER Hospital - Auditorium “B” or "A", Entrance "B"

5601 De Soto Ave., Woodland Hills, CA 91367

* Free Parking *


- On the Agenda -


Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk

Special thanks to Councilman Bob Blumenfield presenting us with his view of the "State of the West Valley" and answering questions.


Congratulations to our newly elected Officers and Board Members who were installed by the Councilman: John M. Walker - President, Herb Madson - Vice President, Dennis DiBiase - Vice President, Silvia Anthony - Treasurer, Nancy Porter - Secretary

Board Members At Large: Shirley Blessing, Martin Lipkin, Pat Patton, Richard Sheinberg, PhD., Robert Veeck, Gina K. Thornburg, PhD., Stephen Naczinski

Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk

NOTE: Council shall be held in the Van Nuys City Hall, as follows:

Friday, February 2, 2018 Friday, April 13, 2018 Friday, June 1, 2018 Friday, August 3, 2018 Friday, October 5, 2018 Friday, December 7, 2018

Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk

Cannabis Regulations: Find it all at this link:

Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk

Important News for Woodland Hills Homeowners

Here are some additional news stories that we didn’t have enough room to include in our

January WHHO newsletter.


Assemblyman Matt Dababneh of the 45th District resigns and new candidates begin to emerge.

Matt Dababneh who represented most of the southwest San Fernando Valley in Sacramento has officially resigned his seat in the State Assembly following allegations of sexual misconduct by several women. Dababneh has denied that the allegations are true but decided to resign on January 8th because he stated that trying to contest them and still serve in the Assembly would be almost impossible. California Governor Jerry Brown officially set April 3, 2018 for the Special-election primary to determine who will serve out the remainder of Dababneh’s term (until 2020). Under special election rules, if no candidate receives an outright majority (50%+1) of the votes, a run-off election will be held June 5th between the top two finishers. Political pundits speculate that there will be no shortage of potential candidates for the job. As of January 10, four individuals already declared to run: Jesse Gabriel (attorney), Samantha Stevens (public relations), Ankur Patel (outreach director for LAUSD Board member Scott Schmerelson), and Justin Clark (CSUN Student.) Sacramento blogsite “AroundTheCapitol” has listed a number of other possible candidates who might run, including Daily News columnist Susan Shelly (who lost the previous election to Dababneh), Dan Brinn (President of the West Hills Neighborhood Council), and a member of the CD-3 Council staff—Tricia Robbins Kasson (Economic Development Deputy). Also included on the speculative list are a number of business leaders and community activists. When the list of candidate is finalized, the WHHO hopes to invite all of the candidates to address an upcoming Community Meeting where they can present their credentials and where you can have an opportunity to ask questions.


WHHO attempting to schedule a presentation on status of Community Plan for upcoming meeting.

The City Department of Planning is in the process of rewriting the Canoga Park-Winnetka-Woodland Hills-West Hills Community Plan—the document that generally governs all development (outside of Specific Plans) for the West Valley. The last public outreach from the team charged with up-dating and rewriting the existing plan was last summer at a location in each of the four communities. During those meetings, the public was allowed to register their desires and comments and also told they could offer additional comments via email. Since those meetings, there has been little or no public outreach from the Planning team, and hundreds of homeowners and businesses keep asking about what changes are being planned that could impact their neighborhood and the community. The WHHO is contacting the Community Plan team to have them deliver a “status update” on the Woodland Hills section of the plan and to discuss what other changes they are contemplating making before they have the official roll out of the initial draft. “We believe that an update can help allay some of the worries we’ve heard from homeowners,” stated WHHO Vice President Dennis DiBiase. “Also, our members should have an opportunity to offer suggestions and discuss specific concerns that the Planning team might find helpful in further refining their thinking before they present an initial draft.” Since the public hearings last summer, there have been several personnel changes on the team writing our Community Plan. “There’s a lot at stake with this new Plan, and giving the community some insights into what has already been considered and determined could make a significant difference in how the community reacts to the Plan they present. It’s almost like looking at sketches before the artist commits to a specific picture. People can react to ideas that can be changed and tailored before a lot of time and money gets wasted,” DiBiase emphasized.


Proposed 8-story hotel on Chalk Hill is quashed by Councilman Blumenfield.

A developer’s proposal to build an 8-story, 200-room high-end boutique hotel and restaurant on Ventura Blvd. at the old Todai restaurant site near the apex of Chalk Hills has been road-blocked by the District-3 Council office. In a November 20th letter to the developer’s representative, Councilman Blumenfield requested that the developer either withdraw their proposal or make significant reductions in height and bulk since the project would require numerous entitlement and variance requests to allow it to be built on the site. He noted that even with the reductions the builder made, the project was still “out of scale with the neighborhood.” Generally, when a project doesn’t receive support from the area’s Councilman, the City Council rejects the project. Only the pad of the previous building remains on the site which has seen three previous restaurants fail at that location. The developer has not committed to either proposing an alternative project or stated if he would sell the property.

Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk


The State is trying to increase development saturation

and take that decision away from your City Council.

Senate Bill 827 was just proposed - Development Legislation to Watch

Here is a link: SB827

Get informed!

Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk

Our Past October Meeting


A special thanks to Michael Owens, Councilmember Blumenfield’s Community Affairs & Infrastructure Director who brought us up to date on what was proposed by developers and the true facts for the future.

Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk

Our Past October Meeting

Marijuana Regulations

The City is proposing local regulations for dispensing of recreational marijuana in our community.

We want to thank Jeff Jacobberger, Esq. – Legislative Deputy for CD-3 Councilman Bob Blumenfield and LAPD Narcotics Detective Vince Bancroft who both added to the discussion about the draft regulations to prepare for the legal selling of recreational marijuana throughout the City starting January 1st, and, the proposed rules on where marijuana shops and other cannabis companies can legally operate and the potentially negative impact to our neighborhoods.

Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk

Our Past September Meeting

Last Month, The Farm at Pierce - a special thanks to Ms. Sheri Berger, V.P. of Academic Affairs; Rolf Schleicher, V.P. of Administrative Services, Pierce Community College for bring us up to date on the proposed plans for the Farm and also to Jack Humphreville, LA Watchdog columnist for CityWatch for his insights into the tax issues that plague us all.

Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk

Our Past August Meeting

A special thanks to LAPD Captain Maureen Ryan, Detectives Bancroft and McNeil and SLO Dinse for their great presentation and insights at out last meeting we held on August 23rd. The information about the homelessness, and the marijuana regulations and the effect or our community was seriously informative.

If you need to reach either of the Detectives regarding any vice issues, here is their contact information:

Detective Bancroft: 213-486-0822

Detective McNeil: 818-756-4850

Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk

A special thanks to Kevin Taylor, the Mayor’s West Valley Area Representative for addressing the City's efforts to help the Homelessness in the West Valley at our past May meeting.

Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk

If you have any suggestions for future speakers or
topics for discussion, please feel free to email your
suggestions to

Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk


Alternative A

Alternative B

For those in the community who couldn't attend the Ventura Boulevard meeting this past July 10th, WHHO wants you to know what is proposed. There are 2 Alternatives (A & B) linked above. The City has the funding to do the analysis and once the final plan is approved, the City Council will seek the funds to complete the project. The striping, changing of lanes, new signals, implementation of bike lanes and the use of "reverse" slanted parking where you back into the spots are part of the proposals. Look at the details.

The WHHO Board has not taken a position on the proposals yet so feel free to email each Board Member about your feelings and concerns.

Their Email addresses are available by clicking the "Board Members" Tab above.

Also, Councilman Blumenfield would appreciate your comments. Email address with your comments to Andrew Pennington at this address:


Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk


Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk


If you missed the last meeting on April 22nd with Larry Green:

Larry presented the details about the Promenade Project and noted that it will be build in stages with the start probably 2020. He took questions and listed to your comments and took some of the suggestions very seriously.

This is a big project and will have positive and negative effects on our community from traffic congestion to a strain on water, power and policing. The Project (Called Promenade 2035) would include approximately 1,432 multifamily residential units, approximately 244,000 square feet of retail/restaurant uses, approximately 629,000 square feet of office space, approximately 572 hotel rooms and an approximately 320,000-square-foot, 15,000-seat Entertainment and Sports Center. The proposed uses would be provided in several buildings throughout the Project Site that would transition in height from one story and three to four stories at the corner of Topanga Canyon Boulevard and Erwin Street, to 28 stories at the opposite corner of Owensmouth Avenue and Oxnard Street, across from the existing high-rise office towers to the south. The Project will be build in stages with completion around 2035.

You can see the Notice of Preparation of Supplemental EIR Report by clicking HERE.


Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk


Our Previous Meeting: On January 25th Councilmember Blumenfield swore in the new members of the Woodland Hills Homeowners Organization (WHHO) and discussed pressing issues facing the neighborhood.

meeting 1-25-17

Councilman Bob Blumenfield

"State of the Community"


We always have guest speakers to address concerns that affect you.

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Future General Meeting Dates for 2017: Meeting at held at Kaiser Hospital and the dates are the 4th Wednesday of the month: No Meeting for July; 8/23/17; 9/27/17; 10/25/17; no meeting in November; 12/6/17.

Future Board Meetings for 2017:(1st Monday of each Month. Call for the location (818)439-8850 - it will be either at at The Fire Station on Burbank just west of De Soto or the Law Offices of John M. Walker, 5850 Canoga Ave, 4th Floor, Woodland Hills 91367): 8/7/17; 9/11/17; 10/2/17; 11/6/17; 12/4/17

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The Next Big Projects for Woodland Hills/Werner Center

(there are about 10 major projects, including, but not limited to, the Post Office property, the old daily News Building, Treeland Property, and the old Todi Property on Ventura Boulevard)


Westfield’s huge new project planned for Warner Center, Promenade 2034; A live-work community spanning 34 acres; Westfield filed plans with the city for an enormous new mixed use complex set to replace the aging ; Promenade shopping mall in Woodland Hills.

The project, which will bring 1,400 units of housing and two hotels to Warner Center.



The property is up for sale and its future is unknown. Any reports of what is going in there are misplaced. There are no forml proposals yet. We will wait and see (Maybe Amazon might be interested).


3. Treeland Development

For those that are watching this project, you may wish to explore the City of Los Angeles Initial Report. It has a lot of information. CLICK HERE for a PDF copy.

You can find more information by CLICKING HERE.

You can view Councilman Blumenfield's Position Letter HERE.

Treeland Project Map

There will be an EIR for this project.

4. Proposed 8-story hotel on Chalk Hill

This project is quashed by Councilman Blumenfield.

A proposal 8-story, 200-room high-end boutique hotel and restaurant on Ventura Blvd. at the old Todai restaurant site forced Councilman Blumenfield early in 2018 to request that the developer either withdraw their proposal or make significant reductions in height and bulk since the project would require numerous entitlement and variance requests to allow it to be built on the site.


Thank all of you for your interest and concern for our community. It makes it better for everyone.

    Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk

If you have any suggestions for programs you would like to see at our future meetings, please email John M. Walker at

Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk

(Note: Items in BLUE are hyperlinks. Left click on them to go to that web page.)

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 We Need Your Email Address!!!

It Would be great if each of our members would take a moment and send us your email address so we can keep you up to date on developments in this community. We are part of the 21st Century you know!!

    So, if you would take a moment, please send us your email address. Just put in the "subject" box "WHHO Email" and we will get the idea. Also, we will be happy to send you the Newsletter by email as well. 


Email your address to our V.P. John M. Walker, at

Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk

Local Movie Schedules for Woodland Hills -

We now have a link to look up Movie Show Time's in the West Valley Area.

Click on either FANDANGO or

We want you to come to the WHHO.COM site every time you want to know something about your community. If you have other suggestions of helpful links you would like to see included, email the webmaster at

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1. The Board of the Woodland Hills Homeowners Organization has voted to support Measure "S" - the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative ballot measure - appearing on the March 7th ballot. According to WHHO Executive Vice President John Walker, the majority of the WHHO Board members believe that passing Measure "S" will bring certainty to the City Planning process and stop the proliferation of spot zoning approvals that encourage developers to build projects that do not conform to the existing City General Plan, the existing Community Plans or the existing Specific Plans.

2. We have worked hard with the community to make the Westfield "Village" the best it could be for the Valley and will continue to do so in the future as well.

3. We have taken the position against the Valley Fair having a permanent home at Pierce College. We have always taken the position that this land is for Education and is to be used only for projects that are part of the education curriculum and run by Pierce, not a controlling outside entity. The 51 st Agricultural District has its own Board and contracts with all the vendors and decides what will be done. Save Pierce for the quality education it is now providing and let the administration concentrate on what the community demands it do in education.

4.    Waiting for the final proposal regarding the development on the north side of Mulholland across from Louisville High. The proposed project originally included 39 condos in a currently R1 zoned area. Initially numerous neighbors and the Design Review Board were against this. We have not taken a final position on a proposed development on the north side of Mulholland, across from Louisville High at Mulholland Highway that wants an exception to the Mulholland Scenic Parkway Specific. The Draft Environmental Impact Report has been released and we are looking at it closely to see what action should be taken for the best interest of the community.

You can go to Save Oak Savanna web site, for anyone wishing to learn more or get involved and voice your opinion of the development. The web site is

5.    Oppose the unconditional paving of dirt Mulholland.

6.    Since 2004 We have opposed any further conversion of light manufacturing, small business office space to very dense apartment complexes without replacement in kind of the facilities demolished in Warner Center.

 Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk


We are an organization with the purpose of helping to improve the quality of life in the general area known as Woodland Hills. Our actions include:

    1. Interacting with our elected officials to encourage the enactment of laws, ordinances and rules;

    2. Informing our membership of important issues in the community;

    3. Mobilizing our membership to have a positive impact on our community.

This page was last updated on January 26, 2018

Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk

Woodland Hills Homeowner Organization, Inc. was established in 1985 as a 501c4 non-profit corporation to serve our community. You can reach WHHO through our Acting President, John M. Walker, Esq. at his law office at 818-719-9181 or WHHO, P.O. Box 6368, Woodland Hills, CA 91365

Membership Application - (PDF Format)

  Dues are ONLY $25 per family per year. (Every dollar helps your community - so join NOW!)

If you would like to receive our Newsletter by email,please provide your email address to the webmaster's e-mail address

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